Education Drill

Constant training and education are important and only practice makes perfect. This is especially true for my slave boys then on the long run I am only interested in versatile serfs. So it is highly convenient that my dungeon Sweet Tabu is running short on toilets and in my refurbishment plans you have a role to play!
 You will be installed at my dungeon SweetTabu as a super absorbing, everything accepting toilet, contributing to make this a greener place. To make all the craftsmanship paying off for me, you will stay for at least half a day up to multiple days with fixed service times.
Our normal toilets will be locked during the time you are around so that you can take every relief. Be that from me, my girlfriends or some random guest. Toilets have to work so shut up and swallow! We are talking a strict diet change here! Be that sparkling champagne, chunky caviar, everything will be absorbed by you. Sometimes, approximately one time per month you might get a tampon to suck and whenever my houseboy has cooked like shit, my girlfriends and I will have his pre-chewed crab raining on you.
And heaven help if you are creating a mess. My means to repair clogged toilets are ruthless, but I swear to you they are working!
You still have challenges with the one or the other delicacy which is going to get dumped in your muzzle? No worries, it is called training and I love to invest in the education of my slaves. But I am not very patient, I expect quick progress in training.
Interested? Then contact Lady Estelle. Additional information and questions concerning your tribute upon request.

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