Lady Estelle

Lady Estelle – a captivatingly attractive seductress, uniting all superlatives to the ultimate maximum.

A fantastic appearance, great empathy, absolute authority and full immersion into SM lifestyle are the defining elements of Lady Estelle. She lives for the moment, and for initiating and extending extremely erotic experiences. Her excessive, unrestrained approach submerges you deeply into her multifaceted, bizarre world, moulding you, the compliant and passive submissive completely to her will.

Lady Estelle seizes your lustful, greedy soul playfully and completely naturally. Absolute devotion and surrender of any control to this true expert is the result. There can be no other result once you are under her spell.

The methods used stimulate all of your senses, and also ensure she takes what she needs for her own pleasure. She knows exactly how to achieve this and fully control you for herpleasure.

Seen from his own perspective, the lucky guest is certain to experience a volcano of live erotic dominance – creative, multi-faceted and varied, completed with professional competence, but at the same time being almost unrestrained and boundless.

Lady Estelle is a unique, very exceptional bizarre lady, who knows how to conduct the SM orchestra like a virtuoso. She also masters all black as well as white clinical techniques to perfection. The SM connoisseur will learn to redefine his personal book of BDSM, and even a beginner will find his ideal dominant point of reference in Lady Estelle.

Lady Estelle receives guests
in her own, noble SM and fetish studio
Sweet Tabu
Sommeringstraße 41



• Dominant girlfriend experience – bizarre eroticism and touchable dominance, gladly together with my slavegirl
• Erotic role play of all kind for beginners and professionals starting from soft to extremely sadistic and dominant

• Training and Education to become my
  Personal oral service slave
  Sexual object
  Rubber pig, rubber doll
  Foot stool, doormat
  Ladies toilet
  Sissy boy / transvestite
• Dirty Games with champagne, caviar, vomit, menstrual blood
• Facesitting
• Dildo games
• Strap-on play
• Body worship
• Foot worship
• Trampling
• Fixations of all kind
• Feminization
• Public exhibition at fetish parties, in porn cinemas and swinger clubs

Specialized in various fetishes:
• Latex, Heavy Rubber
• Leather
• Luxurious goddess
• High Heels, Boots
• Nylons, Pantyhose
• Fur

Clinic Fetish, gladly in combination with rubber:
• Medical examination
• Injections
• Medication
• Extreme immobilization
• Breath play
• Catheter
• Needle play
• Piercing
• Branding
• Enemas
•Blood play
• Extreme CBT


Oral Sex, Intercourse

You are suffering from health issues that your family doctor cannot treat properly? No worries, Dr. Lady Estelle will take care of your little aches and pains! A meticulously precise anamnesis of your entire body will lead me to the treatment that you will require.

Very much I like trusting in the healing powers of nature, through the application of alien urine or autologous urine, enemas or elongations of all kind.

Erection problems, penis atrophy or a general lack of sexual desire will be forcefully fought with my electro therapy. Accumulation of semen will be consequently milked and can be orally administered as protein shake to the patient, if required by force.

You are refusing medical devices and technologies? No problem! With the help of needling or other kinds of manual therapy we will achieve the same result!

You are unhappy with your appearance? I am leading in cosmetic surgery. With injections, piercings, cuttings or branding I will bring out the best of you.

Attention, please. Your health insurance usually will not cover for my kinds of treatment. This is why it will be crucial that you align treatment appointments and medical expenses with me upfront.

Let’s play boy!

Start with me your journey to your new self as my sissy bitch. Leave your manliness behind! I will entirely convert you to my personal maid and tranny whore. Packed in rubber or transformed to a street whore, this is how you will serve me. Your life under me will not be a walk in the park. You will open up your holes wide for me, being my cheap power bottom.

Your useless d*ck will be caged because from now on you will only have sissygasms with your slave pussy.

At my place, there is no too tight or too big. You will receive everything, you will swallow everything, you will do everything I tell you to do. And backchatting is not tolerated for tranny sluts like you!

With the help of your holes I will determine the size and diameter of my dildos. And as soon as this is done, the cocks of my bi-slaves are waiting for you. I am going to teach you how to use your holes being a double penetration slut.

The streets of Berlin are waiting for you, whore.

There is much to be done, Sissy!