Madame Elysées

Madame Élysées is French and means “the paradise”! Welcome to the paradise, my Dear! My paradise! Erotic and full of relish, but also painlful. I am a sensual, curious, playful, dominant and slightly sadistic Lady.I am not playing a dominant role. I am living it. And I enjoy it!

Me – bizarre
Are you looking for an exciting, bizarre adventure? Then you are right on track with me! Hand yourself over to me. Trust me. Show me your submission. Resist. Enjoy the lust. And the pain. I will watch you carefully. I am curious to see how you will react to the different stimuli. I enjoy taking advantage of your helpless situation.  Making you moan. Because of the pain. Because of the lust. I am a skilled masseuse. And I love it to discover your body in all its details. From the front and the back. From the top to the bottom. Softly and painfully.

I am especially excited about anal erotic. Like most men. Giving up control, being totally passive. A spectacular experience! Figging is my favourite. Stimulates the blood circulation and gives you an orgasm of unknown intensity…

Me – elegant mistress
I love vinyl. I love black and red. And I love slaves that obey unconditionally. I have high expectations. And only few can meet them. But don’t worry. I will show you what I am expecting from you. Slave Training. Forceful, creative, painful. Hard, but fair. Like you need it! Deserve my attention. Learn. Endure the pain. Try hard. Do not disappoint me. And don’t dare to scream. Novices will be carefully led to their new role. Testing his limits. And pushing them further and further. Forbearance is unknown to me. Only consistency will lead to desired results in education! Mistakes and lack of engagement will be punished merciless. Hard and painful. And with enthusiasm. My favourite tools: whip, crop, paddle, pegs and my hands. You must be punished. Give me a reason…

So, make an effort. If I am satisfied with you, potentially you may be allowed to clean my heels or to taste my golden nectar.

My preferences:

Slapping, spanking, slave training, trampling, bondage, strap-on, forced shaving, foot worship, facesitting, pegs, caning, wax play, breath control, anal erotic, lingam, balls massage, tantric massage, nylon fetish, latex, water sports

Sex, giving oral, scat play