12 hours in my captivity

12 Stunden in meiner Gefangenschaft

Get ready to surrender to me completely! I offer you a special that will take you to your limits! Already in the morning I will take you in and from then on you belong to me.

Whether locked in a cage, wrapped in latex, fixed on a gyn-chair or left tied up in a hotel room. We’ll see how I can best make you submissive. Patiently you will lie there and wait until the clacking of my high heels announces my appearance.

You will lie there full of horny excitement, eager to see what I will do to you. Will Doctor Estelle enter your cell to perform perverted clinical experiments on you? Will you be subjected to a rigorous interrogation? Or will I just let my little pain-craving slave pig suffer for me? Maybe I just need a studio toilet to relieve myself. Maybe I’ll even bring a few boys who want to abuse your ass cunt without restraint? Be curious. And be sure, I’ll only let go of you to come again. Sooner or later you will tremble with fear when you hear my high heels approaching your cell. I look forward to meeting you.

If you are interested, please contact me, preferably via WhatsApp at +49 176 9789 8448 . Possible in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. On request also other places. Taboos and interests can be discussed.

Cost: 1.200 EUR for 12h including lying and playing time.

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