Miss Dr. Estelle

You are suffering from health issues that your family doctor cannot treat properly? No worries, Dr. Lady Estelle will take care of your little aches and pains! A meticulously precise anamnesis of your entire body will lead me to the treatment that you will require.

Very much I like trusting in the healing powers of nature, through the application of alien urine or autologous urine, enemas or elongations of all kind.

Erection problems, penis atrophy or a general lack of sexual desire will be forcefully fought with my electro therapy. Accumulation of semen will be consequently milked and can be orally administered as protein shake to the patient, if required by force.

You are refusing medical devices and technologies? No problem! With the help of needling or other kinds of manual therapy we will achieve the same result!

You are unhappy with your appearance? I am leading in cosmetic surgery. With injections, piercings, cuttings or branding I will bring out the best of you.

Attention, please. Your health insurance usually will not cover for my kinds of treatment. This is why it will be crucial that you align treatment appointments and medical expenses with me upfront.

Let’s play boy!

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